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November 11, 2023

More Space, More Memories: A Guide to Self Storage Units

As Americans, we love to shop and collect things. Our belongings are with us as we journey through life, and they become a representation of the memories we have created. Holding onto these memories, however, often leads to clutter in our homes and workplaces. It’s a challenge that many can relate to, but self storage units provide a solution. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of getting more space with a self storage unit. We hope that by the end, you’ll be able to clear out the clutter and make room for even more memories.

Personal Belongings Storage

more space with self storage units Most of us tend to hold onto things that are personal and significant to us. It may be our grandmother’s dining table or our child’s first artwork from kindergarten. We store these types of items in the attic or garage, thinking that we will come back to them eventually. Over time, the attic and garage can and will become quite full. Before you know it, you’re running out of space to store anything else. That’s the time when a self storage unit might come in handy. The attic is where people typically store seasonal items such as holiday decorations and old clothing that may not fit anymore. While the attic could be useful, it can easily become cluttered and be challenging to use, mainly if you have to navigate through items to find what you need. Making use of the self storage unit for seasonal items can significantly reduce clutter in the attic. It can also help you organize your belongings, so there’s no need to search for hours in the attic for that Christmas ornament- it’s in the unit. Similar to the attic, garages typically become unorganized, cluttered spaces over time. From car parts and tools to sports equipment and bicycles, the garage is the go-to space for storing a range of things. However, this haphazard storage method often leads to difficulty when trying to park the car in the garage or even finding something you are looking to use. Using a self storage unit for all types of equipment and gear can free up a lot of space in the garage. Now, you can park your car in the garage with ease, and your equipment is still accessible but organized.

Home Office Storage

Moreover, many people often use self storage units as extentions of their home offices. It’s easy to store excess inventory or archive paperwork. In the case of small home offices, self storage units can also serve as an alternative to purchasing larger office spaces. By utilizing these units, individuals can reduce clutter in their home offices and enjoy more space to work. Our belongings and fond memories go hand in hand. Instead of throwing everything out, you may want to consider getting extra space with a self storage unit. The attic, garage, and even an office can become decluttered areas at home with the help of self storage. By allowing yourself to let go of clutter, you can continue making new memories while having plenty of space to store the old keepsakes you don’t need right now. Remember, with just a little organization, you can have more space, fewer distractions, and more memories to cherish.

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